Richard A. Kirk is an author and visual artist. He is the author of the short illustrated novel THE LOST MACHINE, and the novel NECESSARY MONSTERS, published by Arche/Resurrection House in June 2017. Richard’s illustrated short story collection MAGPIE’S LADDER will be published in April 2019 by PS Publishing.

From the first post: Welcome to Amnesiac’s Library, my new book blog, which I will be using to talk about what I am reading and writing. At the moment I am working towards having two new writing projects coming out in 2017, a novel and an illustrated collection of short stories. I plan to use this blog as a platform to talk about those projects, and others, as they progress. My other reason for starting Amnesiac’s Library is a little fuzzier. It has to do with wanting to share my love of reading, discovering authors and books in all their aspects. So expect the content of the blog to be fairly eclectic. There is no way-finding in the Amnesiac’s Library. If you are okay with that, let’s start opening some doors. Richard.