Great Lakes

Painters’ Colours, Oils, and Varnishes: A Practical Manual, George H. Hurst, 1906, Charles Griffin and Company Limited

The title page of this lovely book has that most inviting of phrases, “with numerous illustrations”. And so it does.

Artist’s books are a fun genre—like medical books, the older they are the more fascinating I find them. I’m surely not alone in finding poetry in the crisp, confident presentation of information to be found in pages like these. “A very fine lake is made in the following manner…” It makes me want to drop what I’m doing and set off in search of raw pigments to grind.

The Pact

Pact from Richard Kirk on Vimeo.

The Pact is a one of a kind, hand drawn artist book. Each panel of this accordion book is approximately 10 x 10 centimetres. It was drawn in carbon black acrylic ink on folded watercolour paper. It is available for a purchase in my webstore.