The Mirror Thief

The Mirror Thief, Martin Seay, 2016 Melville House Publishing, ISBN 978-1-61219-559-9. Design by Marina Drukman

I bought Martin Seay’s The Mirror Thief several years ago because it ticked several boxes for me: great title, historical periods, rich descriptive writing, heft. It was the cover by Marina Drukman that caught me first though with its smart design and promise of mystery.

All of that notwithstanding, I didn’t start reading it until this summer. I am about halfway through. So far, there have been sections taking place in Las Vegas in 2003 (unexpected), Venice Beach California in 1958 and 16th century Venice. Each section expands the book, not only in setting but also in language. I am dying to see how all of this comes together at the end. The book is beautifully researched, but the reader isn’t bogged down by exposition. The second setting especially sent me to the internet to research historic photos of Venice Beach—a rabbit hole that consumed the better part of an evening.


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